Roofing Tiles

More and more New Zealanders are choosing tiles over other roofing materials to protect both their families and their investments for years to come. Concrete offers you years of structural strength and durability.


Colour that never comes in a range of colours and fades, as it is locked into the surface of the natural clay, therefore giving qualities like no other roofing material.The colour is  fired into the terracotta so it will never fade. This ensures the beauty, value and integrity of your home lasts for decades to come.
Terracotta has been used for almost six thousand years and has a lower embodied energy which means less energy is consumed in all processes involved in the manufacturing.

Monier Terracotta 


Concrete tiles have undergone a huge advancement in production method, leading to vastly improved strength, longevity, function and style.

In addition concrete tiles can reach a pitch as low as 15 degrees with underlay not to mention offering you years of structural strength and durability.

Equally important, concrete tiles have a wide variety of colours and designs to match your roof and adapt easily to diverse structures.

Monier Concrete:

Pressed metal:

Pressed metal is attractive, functional, cost saving, durable and lightweight option.

The Metrotile product range comprises of ten distinct profiles:
  • Roman
  • Tudor
  • Shake
  • Royal
  • Antica
  • Classic
  • Bond
  • CF Shingle
  • CF Slate
  • CF Shake

Check the range out here:

A metal tile roof is lighter than a concrete or clay tile roof.
They are more durable than an asphalt shingle roof, are 100% recyclable, require less timber framing, require less fuel in transportation and furthermore are easier to handle than long-run corrugate sheets.

Pressed Metal is easy and quick to install, using a interlocking and modular roofing system allowing the roof to be safely and quickly installed in all weather conditions and can result in having scaffolding removed earlier with money well saved.